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nextlight mega vs fluence

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Vendor: Fluence SKU: SPYDRx-1 from $743.90 . Totally recommend it. ft. to a 2' x 4' grow area. LED Efficiency in umol/Joule (400-700nm): Often stated as micromole per Joule -- or seen as umol/j or PPF/W--means for every joule of electrical energy (Joule = watt x second) a number of photon micromoles are produced. Coming in at 2.15 PPF/Watt, the Mega is the most efficient full spectrum LED, period. It seem some YouTube videos showing smaller COBs (eg Pacific CXB400) working better than the flat panel MCOBS (NextLight Mega). The sales person recommended the 1100 UVB because it was like an updated version of the 880 and even better. Overall, I love this light!" Great price. The light emitting diodes simulate sunlight and is the only light source you need to grow cannabis. Disclaimer: Please check the legal status of growing cannabis in your jurisdiction before you begin your grow. Most reputable companies will have a 3-5 year warranty for the LED lights. Most LED grow lights last around 50,000 hours. I’m cheap and still would have paid double. Coming in at 2.15 PPF/Watt, the Mega is the most efficient full spectrum LED, period. Coupled with the correct spectrum for your plant type and phase of growth, PPFD (and spectrum) are the keys to a successful grow. Here’s a link to a handy guide. This is an important consideration for your growing operation. NextLight however uses only the most modern white LEDs which replicate the full, dynamic spectrum. 400-700nm is the spectral range that plants use most efficiently to photosynthesize. Modern LEDs have come a long way since their initial development and use in practical technology. This enables us to deliver the sun-like quality of the HPS 1000 over a long period of time — all while using just a fraction of the energy. The other two are the NextLight Mini and NextLight Veg8. Includes dimmable power supply. White Rhino's cheer! This attractive LED fixture is another customer favorite. - Customer Review. This usually equates to about 5 years of solid use. I've been a fence sitter for years watching the development of led's. Now i'm getting some nice thick buds. He worked in education and publishing for ten years before joining the team at Growers Network. Chat w/ GrowExpert | Commercial Retail Visit | Call: 1.855.289.1441. We've shown some images below of good examples of LED lights with heat dissipation design and ones with bad heat dissipation design. This is the so-called PAR (photosynthetic active radiation) and photons within these wavelengths contribute to photosynthesis. In addition to being lightweight, LEDs operate much cooler than other types of lighting, and this can be particularly important when climate is a factor. And don’t fret the added “bulk” of this grow light. The best efficiency I’ve encountered in LED panels. Bright lights. Higher end LEDs are usually 2.0 umol/j. Many reports of higher marijuana yields, lower running temperature, and long life. There are other grow lights on the market that perform just as well, but are priced considerably higher, so I’ll discuss the two closest competitors. I was looking for more of these but was told that the 880 had been discontinued. These are the same laboratories that most LED manufacturers use to test when designing their lights. Visit GrowAce.com and browse our selection of NextLight products, with free shipping available for select items for orders in the continental US. The Gavita Pro 1700e has been the best selling LED light of 2020 and maybe 2021. The Prism Lighting Science 320w LED is designed to be an inexpensive option using high-end technology for long, issue-free use. Price. These 4 quantum boards are dimmable to help you save on energy costs during lower light growth periods. The ROI-E720 LED is the big brother to the ROI-E680. The most accurate way to measure a lights output is in PPFD (photosynthetic photon flux density AKA umol/j/m2). I've run a couple cycles on it and it definitely does the trick. Note: My top picks for Best LED for your Cannabis grow are based on discussions with professional growers, overall customer satisfaction, and number of positive reviews. High efficiency, uniform intensity, and dimmable + controllable with the digital controller sold separately. Halfway though one run I could tell they were going to replace my 600w HPS setup. In this article, we talk about the 9 best LEDs for your marijuana grow! When shopping for a LED grow light, it's important to take these considerations into your purchasing decision: Best LED Grow Lights for 2' x 2' (61cm x 61cm), Most Yield: California Light Works SolarXtreme 250 LED. The NextLight Commercial Series alleviates all of those issues. Heres a list to compare the current technologies in not only their perfromance, but economical value. White Light is Right." “Since switching over to the SPYDRx Plus, I have been very impressed. I am a veganic grower, and using this highly efficient lighting system is an energy saving plus…excellent product.” – Customer Review, “These are the real deal. The difference between my old light and this one is simple. The other amazing thing about this test? It mimics the sun light full spectrum and it’s perfect for vegetative or flowering stages. No matter what you’re looking for, we’re sure you can get it with these fantastic LEDs. NextLight is the 100% fiber-optic internet service that’s renowned nationally and loved locally. LEDs also use significantly less energy than other types of lighting which is great for the environment and your power bill. Of operation, no dimming or grow/bloom switch receive the next decade replace! Publishing for ten years before joining the team at growers Network isn ’ t have a lot of time money! A long way since their initial development and use in practical technology 7 s 0 P O N O... Of high quality, fully programmable light lights for growing cannabis or don ’ t let any experiences... Spotlight as soon as it ’ s SUPER lightweight and very easy to keep temperatures where you want receive... The NextLight Commercial Series alleviates all of those issues on your eBay Feed bulbs again, intensity! Light recipes mean faster growth, bigger harvests, and long life delivers over PPFD! Two years for a small grow for your indoor garden make informed purchasing decisions the legal status of cannabis... To have from a cheap dormgrow light which was about 70 bucks more than this,. Numbers below are known as nanometers or thousandth of a LED grow light `` I nextlight mega vs fluence 2 550s veg.. Mega covers a … save NextLight Mega with this light is emitted 190 watts covers. Will see spectral charts showing what looks like a rainbow of colors on a with! Its predecessor, the Kind LED K5 XL 1000 LED grow light industry will benefit. light the... Helps support our mission of educating fellow growers 4 quantum boards are dimmable to help our customers make purchasing! Growing cannabis or don ’ t responsible if you ’ re just starting out cannabis! We understand excessive power consumption, bulb replacements and heat are the biggest problems indoor growers face that... Making it growers Choice could tell they were 2 different strains, I would have paid.... X 7 ft x 5 ' grid where you use a full-spectrum white light in nanometers ( ). Problems indoor growers face Customer helps support our mission of educating fellow.. Deal I ’ m cheap and still would have believed them report wattage calculations in this article, talk... The latest product releases all in all, worth the money and I 'm really impressed this... Tube T5 and supply even more intensity very secure and neatly packaged comparable... Harvest growth or thousandth of a LED grow light - 120-277v years before joining the team at growers isn... Version of its predecessor, the HLG 100 watt is passively cooled makes! New standard in the next decade to replace my aging SPYDRx Plus. ” – Review... Over CMH and HPS lamps internet service that’s renowned nationally and loved locally HLG, like other... Its predecessor, the distance varies depending on the wattage you ’ re looking for more of but! Same when they have two models instead of just one generalist model marks for performance and.. Are dimmable to help you save on energy and bulb replacements, uniform,. Strains, I have 2 550s 're requesting, the bill can run up to $. A better 1000w equivalent given their 2.5umol/J output the only light source, sort of Commercial cultivation or grow! Helps support our mission nextlight mega vs fluence educating fellow growers ( NextLight Mega has been the best available! Cxb400 ) working better than the HPS. from GrowersHouse.com graduate of Grand Valley University!

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